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e.GO Mobile AG

e.GO Life is a compact electric car for urban traffic with a competitive total cost of ownership compared to traditional combustion engine vehicles.

Affordable Second Car

This second lighthouse project after the electric StreetScooter once again demonstrates the electromobility competence available in Aachen and the success of the Innovation Factory. e.GO Life specifically targets the small batch segment for second and third vehicles. Wherever possible, its construction utilizes components readily available from automotive suppliers to minimize costly proprietary developments.

Low-Cost and Safe

The space frame of the e.GO Life comes with thermoplast paneling, which keeps the necessary production facility investment at a moderate level. Discussions with customers have shown that passive and active safety are important acceptance criteria. e.GO Life effortlessly fulfills both those criteria.

Series production of the vehicle is done at the newly constructed factory in the eastern part of Aachen and addresses all challenges posed by the high-wage country Germany.

e.GO Mobile AG

Campus GmbH/Richter

e.GO Mobile AG/E4TC

e.GO Mobile AG

e.GO Mobile AG

Inner cities in particular face challenges from stricter laws on air pollution and increasing traffic density.

Clean Solution

The European Union is about to sue Germany for non-compliance with statutory requirements. German administrative courts are asserting pressure on regional authorities to come up with mean- ingful measures to fight particulate pollution.

That is where the e.GO Mover comes into play, a universally expandable and deployable electric mini bus that can be equipped for local public transport, as well as for private and commercial cargo transport duties. It will be gradually equipped with travel assist functions up to level 4, which will no longer require a human driver. This kind of automation with parallel networking will create completely new on-demand mobility solutions for the future and will – particularly in urban high-traffic areas – play an important role as an eco-friendly traffic medium.

Teamwork for Technical Progress

e.GO Mover is developed and produced in a joint venture of e.GO Mobile AG and ZF Friedrichshafen AG in Aachen. ZF provides the necessary sensors, ZF ProAI as a central computing and control unit, the electric motor, as well as other components like axles, brakes and the steering unit.

e.GO Digital GmbH, the digitalization business unit of e.GO Mobile AG, identifies digitalization potential and develops relevant data-based services in the form of successful industry apps.

Air s.Pace GmbH

Mobility plays a central role in our society – professionally as well as privately. Individual transport, which still mainly means an own car, continues to grow in importance.

Mobility of the near Future

Individual mobility and public transport on the ground and in the air – especially in urban areas – is quickly reaching its limits. The society’s need for flexible, as well as affordable mobility increases in a way that goes beyond the abilities of existing traffic media like cars, trains and charter flights.

The Silent Air Taxi will relieve the strain on key public and private transport means, while at the same time shortening individual travel times. The developers are on the brink of realizing their vision of a marketable product in creating a quiet and low-cost small aircraft for the medium altitude airspace with a required range of 500 km.

The aim here is to guarantee efficient and low-cost batch productions up to 1,000 units of the small aircraft to ensure market penetration.

In June 2019 the Silent Air Taxi was presented to the public for the first time. The video summarizes all information on the small air craft. The development of the Silent Air Taxi is driven by more than 50 experts from science and business at the Aachen location. A maiden flight is planned for 2020, its entry into service is targeted for 2024.


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Pacific Garbage Screening e.V.

Pacific Garbage Screening e.V.

Currently, more than ten percent of plastic worldwide is disposed of in the oceans. With a floating platform, the plastic waste from seas and rivers is to be skimmed off and the waters kept clean.

Design enables filter function of the platform

The unique design of the platform is intended to enable the purification of the waters: A bulbous shape is combined with an underwater canal system that manages without nets threatening marine animals. Using the natural current and the low density of plastic, the waste inside the platform will rise to the surface and can be skimmed off.

Addressing the problem at source

The floating platform of Pacific Garbage Screening e.V. is supposed to work energetically self-sufficient and should in the long run also serve as a basis for scientists and further research. The aim is not only to be able to clean the oceans in the long term, but also to fundamentally combat the problem of water pollution. A system is being developed that can also be applied to rivers in order to intercept plastic on its way into the sea and fundamentally free the waters of plastic.

Read about working in the Camp of Innovation Factory in the report written by Pacific Garbage Screening e.V.